Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Duvet?

What is a duvet cover? A Duvet (do-vay) cover is like a big pillowcase for a blanket. Usually duvets cover a down comforter, or an old comforter, and sometimes a quilt, or nothing at all.

I have a passion for duvets! Why??? Here are just a couple of the conveniences:

1. It is easier to clean a duvet than an entire comforter. After removed from the comforter, it is approximately the same wash load weight as a sheet set. This makes your normal cleaning much easier.

2. They can accomodate all seasons! In winter, a down comforter or regular comforter, work fantastic. What about in Spring? Or Summer? A duvet can be filled with quilts as well, or left empty and used as a coverlet! This is a great benefit to duvets, that you can keep your decor no matter what time of year.

3. From a business standpoint, you can pay less on shipping since the whole set fits in a small boz, instead of a huge bag.

For these reasons, I have used a duvet for years, and have created them for my shoppe. I hope you all love them, and see how wonderful they are!!
Please come visit Bubba & Rye at to see the new sets as they come.

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Very cute set!
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