Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Duvet?

What is a duvet cover? A Duvet (do-vay) cover is like a big pillowcase for a blanket. Usually duvets cover a down comforter, or an old comforter, and sometimes a quilt, or nothing at all.

I have a passion for duvets! Why??? Here are just a couple of the conveniences:

1. It is easier to clean a duvet than an entire comforter. After removed from the comforter, it is approximately the same wash load weight as a sheet set. This makes your normal cleaning much easier.

2. They can accomodate all seasons! In winter, a down comforter or regular comforter, work fantastic. What about in Spring? Or Summer? A duvet can be filled with quilts as well, or left empty and used as a coverlet! This is a great benefit to duvets, that you can keep your decor no matter what time of year.

3. From a business standpoint, you can pay less on shipping since the whole set fits in a small boz, instead of a huge bag.

For these reasons, I have used a duvet for years, and have created them for my shoppe. I hope you all love them, and see how wonderful they are!!
Please come visit Bubba & Rye at to see the new sets as they come.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Where the Crafting Began

My mom will say art skipped a generation with her. My grandmother was a painter, and I have interest as varied as fashion design to candlemaking to drawing. But my mother is wrong. She developed me and my love for creating more than she gives herself credit for.
I remember my mother sewed my first communion dress. It was many layers of lace and satin. I remember feeling special, beautiful, and like a princess. She sewed several halloween costumes, drapes in nearly every home I remember, and even recovering furniture. I remember going to craft stores with her, and picking out fabrics. I remember her teaching me to sew!
My mom not only introduced me to sewing, but she helped me discover selling of crafts. I remember going through that awkward stage around 11 or 12, when my mom probably felt me drifting away. You know that age where your daughter starts to stray to friends homes and that bond, that relationship seems ever so fragile. I remember her starting something where we would go to a different craft mall every other Saturday.

This was mind blowing! I remember seeing had sewn items, hand painted items, and all sort of handmade wares at many craft malls in the Dallas metroplex. It was mean, someone will buy what someone makes! Little did I know how relevant that would be years later.
I grew older taking home economics in middle school, graphic design, and fashion design in highschool. Then eventually moved on to study Fashion Design at college. I had dreams of being the next Watters & Watters (a trendy, fresh, fashionable formal gown design house in Dallas). I loved sketching, I loved designing, and loved pulling it all together, and seeing how people felt about something that was all my creation.
Granted life took its turns since then, I actually ended up with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and moved on to work in a buying office. But then a year ago, I found Etsy. I re-discovered all those lessons learned while growing up, and re-found my passion for creating. And my biggest cheerleader has been my mom!

Mom, Happy Mother's Day! You are an inspiration, and yes, I am like you....creativity and all! Thank you for teaching me this thing I love!