Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Baby Ain't No Baby

So my "baby girl" turns 5 tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast the time goes. For some reason it is so hard for me to look at pictures of her as the sweet baby she was, and know that time is passed. I was talking to a friend at work about this phenomena today. Her daughter turns 17 on Monday. She was discussing how sad she is for her to go to college next year and be away where she won't see her daily. Somehow I know that time is going to pass faster than I can hold on to, and that is terrifying.
So tonight, I laid with her as she fell asleep and I breathed in her as a 4yr old. I will try so hard to be awake and aware through these years and really appreciate her for who she is, the wonders of her age, and not take a moment for granted (same for Ethan). It's so easy to wish they were more dependent, can't wait until they sleep in, and all those fleeting thoughts we have during the hard times. I just really don't ever want to lose my little girl.
So here is my suggestion and thought for is my 5 gratitudes for my daughter:
1. She is so naturally benevolent.
2. She is spunky.
3. She loves hugs and kisses and snuggles.
4. She gives the biggest and best hugs!
5. She looks at me in awe.

And lets not forget about are his lyrics:
"And I live my life to be with you,
No one can do the things you do,
Anything you want, you got it
Anything you need, you got it,
Anything at all, you got"- Roy Orbison

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Submarines, Ahoy!

I'll start his blog post off saying, that instead of dating these blog posts I am going to move to titles...since the blog post is already dated.

Now that is out of the way...let's move on to submarines. My husband is a submariner, and I bought some submarine hats from a fellow Homefront Team Etsian, named Moose Threads. Her yarn is so soft and her hats so well made! I thought these hats would be a perfect way to not only remember Daddy while he is deployed, and showing our pride, but also as a way to dress for him when he has homecoming later this year.
My husband has been gone since May and we still have quite a while to go. We are a Navy family, and there is so much pride in being a submariner. They are just cool!

So things are going good. I just started back to work full time and how to juggle, work, family, Etsy, exercise, housework and my sanity is a mystery. I do not want to let go of my shops, so I am trying to change my habits to make all this work. I plan on only going to the post office every Wednesday and Saturday, doing creation and photos on weekends and listing those new items during the week. This will be hard for me, because I prefer to list immediately. Not sure why, I guess I just get excited to see the reactions. Probably by the time I hit a rhythm, Scott will be home and it will all be screwed!

I am trying to allow myself to take it easy and do as best as I can, and not worry so much about doing everything. I'm just going to try working it, and see what may end up falling out.

So this weekend I got my house in order (literally and figuratively), and we are ready for a new week ahead.

1. Neighbors who this week, mowed my lawn, took my trash back from the curb, took my umbrellas down for the storm, and cleaned up the floors in my house.
2. My new job rocks!
3. I got an email from my husband.
4. The kids liking and doing well in school so far this year.
5. Catching a rhythm to get through this deployment.

Lyrics for Scott:
"Love Rescue Me, Come Forth and Speak to Me,
Raise me up, and Don't Let Me Fall" -U2