Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pent Up Creativity

So here we are 11 weeks out from our big move from Virginia to Hawaii. This move has had a huge impact on my business.

1. I closed down Lilac Ave after realizing we cannot move candles in a container on the water in June, without ruined candles. I had a huge and succefful blow out sale, and now only have a couple of candles that are listed in Bubba & Rye.
2. I'm scared to participate in Craft Fairs, in fear of building up inventories that I cannot move through prior to June.
3. I am too busy to appropriately promote and "get out there".

All of the above I can deal with. However, here is the biggie....PENT UP CREATIVITY! It is hard to believe I've only had these businesses for a year...what did I do before then?!?! I will be doing my business full time after the move, and am thinking 24/7 about new products, ways to expand, ways to promote, and other selling outlets. I'm writing in journals, pre-buying supplies, and crossing my fingers I remember it all.
This is when you know it is right. When you have dreams of your future, when you love it, when you can't stop thinking of things you WANT to do. I can't wait to see what type of business I can grow, and see all the pathways and opprotunities in front of me.

I hope you all stay tuned to see what is to come. There are big ideas ahead! All to be experienced in this adventure to Hawaii...a new page in our life!


potatobanana76 said...

so inspiring and encouraging. your enthusiasm for what's to come is contagious! i'm excited for you - and for all of us creating handmade goods and art.

Bubba & Rye said...

Aww thanks, what a fantastic comment!

Moose Threads said...

Love the cards and the candles. They are so pretty and I can't wait to see what you whip out when you finish the move!