Monday, December 15, 2008

Who knew!?!?!?

So who would've thought my 2 shops would be coming up on milestones, right up next to one another??
Bubba and Rye, which has recently changed from a card shop to a destash and supply shop (until all the supplies are gone), is just 4 sales shy of 200 sales! I am running a prize promotion that the 200th sale will get a FREE Card and Candle (a value of $10). Either buy your way there, or watch patiently!

At the same time, my Soy candle Shop is just at the cusp of 100 sales!!! Not bad, seeing as it opened July 11th of this year, and just passed the 5 month anniversary. In this shop I will be awarding a $10 gift certificate for Lilac Ave to the 100th sale's buyer.
These are exciting milestones that should be celebrated. I met my 1st 100 sales in Bubba and Rye after 6 months (store opened February 19th, 2008). I remember being so it was a sign that I had made it!

If you are wondering. I opened Bubba and Rye when I stopped working to stay hope. While home, I also launched Lilac Ave. Life's circumstances changed, as they do, and I had to go back to work in September. I have been struggling to find the time to make cards, candles, manage both shops, 2 kids, a military husband, etc. Now that the season's craft fairs are over, I had to make some choices and let go. As many card makers know, it can be time consuming, and a workplace and time has to be set aside. So after long thought and heartbreak I decided I needed to close Bubba and Rye. So Bubba, is now in phase 2 of close down, which is to become a destash and supply shop, as I have more than I could ever use in personal card making. So what was that, long story, long?!?!

So keep looking, keep shopping, and try to win something FREE!!

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